Welcome to TOUDAQ SYSTEM homepage.

We, TOUDAQ SYSTEM, was established in July first, 2017. through the plan / development experience of Semiconductor Automated Material Handling System(AMHS) for 15 years, have understood its characteristic and have been trying to constantly improve about risk or safety factor in the field by managing and JIG producing for the construct of installation site.

Recently, it has been societal concern over safety. however, there isn’t Tool contemplating working environment in practice or supplement is absolutely needed. especially, working tools that is required in the place where it has to be high clean environment in semiconductor fields and plan, manufacturing, support which can materialize a safe work, are necessary a lot.

TOUDAQ SYSTEM is going to make an effort to develop and study continuously for improvement of construction methods and a safe working in the work site

Promise to make a business climate that can help cooperators and staff members all we can for social responsibility.